I hope you guys enjoyed this one day turn over, I honestly can’t believe its running perfectly, only issue now is the oil leak, we gotta find out whats causing it!

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  1. i just got a 300$ 2001 bmw 330ci with 325k miles not quite 140k like yours and broke the oil drain plug bin the oil pan but removed it with a bolt extractor and mikita drill. replaced an o2 sensor and fixed the M.I.L ( check engine light) might smog tomorrow and reg expired 11/2018

  2. Last year, I was fortunate, as well, to have had the opportunity to buy a clean black '01 3.0 with 110k miles for $500. The previous owner had purchased it from the original owner and because it sat for an extended amount of time, one of the serpentine belts broke and knocked off the off the top radiator hose, causing it to overheat on the freeway. They had pulled over immediately to have it towed for the rest of the way home. Not being familiar with the motor, or modern vehicles for that matter, guy attempted and failed to try to fix and get it back on the road. Apparently, guy brought it to one of his mechanics who stated that it had a blown head gasket. I brought it home and connected things and then turned it over and noticed that it had a slight misfire which was reflected in the code scanner. I replaced the coil packs and plugs and replaced the thermostat housing, which wasn't fully mounted/installed and was where the coolant leak was coming from. After fixing these issues, it ran like as it should!


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