Insignia jets:

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  1. You're a legend mate , I've been having issues installing my insignia jets to my Corsa. I've been wedging my hands in-between the gap to fit em. Ima try this way tomorrow. One question, do the insignia jets fit in perfectly or is the jet slightly obscured? I've tried to fit it in the past and it wasn't fully exposed

  2. They’re a cool upgrade, I bought a proper tool to align the jets, you can get cheap ones but they are shit, you’re more than welcome to use mine. Oh, those 2 screws that are missing aren’t actually missing, mine is exactly the same, I even tried fitting some screws there but the scuttle panel didn’t look right.

  3. just had a thought If you don’t have a auto dimming rear view mirror and your really really lucky you may have the socket for it taped up in the roof, pull out the over head dome lights and have a feel around near the window if you do there’s your next £30 mod and video. If you don’t have the socket then you can retro fit it just run a few wires , one wire each to power (ignition live), earth, reverse light and, door switch in the over head light doom 😉


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