I explain how to locate an automobile cooling system leak. Customer stated that they smelled antifreeze but could not spot a leak. I found the coolant leaking from the bottom of the radiator by pressure testing the cooling system.

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  1. Oh in that case you can use stop leak and that would buy you some time on a small leak like this truck has but I highly recommend that the radiator be replaced and cooling system be flushed as soon as possible to prevent engine damage. Better safe than sorry is my motto.

  2. Really. Does it matter how I pronounce the word. Did you comprehend what I was talking about? Than I did my job, that's all that matters. You must be perfect. LOOK EVERYONE, I have a perfect person watching my videos. Thanks for watching my video Mr. Dave C Perfect.

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  4. No, at least I wouldn't recommend it. There is no need to. You can do a compression test, leak down test to diagnose a head gasket. You would see bubbles in the coolant through the radiator neck if you use a leak down tester. There are other methods but I gave you the most common methods. Thanks for watching.

  5. Excellent video, very helpful.  I just rented one of these from Auto Zone to find a leak in my truck's cooling system.  I don't know this topic well, but if I can't find the leak visually after pressurizing, is it safe to assume that the pressure will slowly drop on the gauge, also indicating the presence of a leak?

  6. Thanks… my 740 volvo is dropping coolant level  very slow. Twice been preassure tested and negative of finding any leak.  However the coolant odor can be smelled when the engine is hot. visual inspection finds nothing. What product, tester would identify what the coolant odor is coming from?  Ron 206-720-1055


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