The rear part replacement.
Замена задней части машины.
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  1. I would like to see the results some person/agency crash testing several of Arthur Tussik prepared cars like this one. He seems to be thorough and thoughtful in the method. Not like some typical cut-n-shuts that his work is being compared to. Perhaps that would put an end to all this speculation on either side.

  2. This is what we call a cut and shove in England, 2 cars welded together, it's illegal to do here because if the vehicle was to take a heavy crash in the future the car is likely to split apart. To fix the car legally in England it would have to be reshelled.

  3. Работа суппер. Респект тебе за твои руки. Я не знаю как на бехе. Но на французах номер кузова и на задней полке багажника. А как эксперты пропустят ли такое авто на учет, или нет.

  4. Теперь это настоящий автохлам. В местах сварки крепко, а рядом как ни крути, металл ослабленный стал. И при сильной аварии располовинится. Даже вварка четверти уже тоталом считается. А это конструктор.


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