Top 5 Reasons why you should daily a CLASSIC CAR. Driving a Classic Car may seem to most like an expensive hobby, but in this video I will show you 5 good reasons why YOU can do it and why you SHOULD.

In video reviews of new cars they always look shiny and perfect, but how do they fare with daily use? Daily Driver Reviews is a show about the true test for automobiles: everyday use!


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  1. I got a 52 year old '64 Impala SS, 400 hp rebuilt engine with 220k+ miles. Parts are extremely common and cheap, it's easy to fix, even though I've owned it for years and never broke down for more than 5 minutes. I can't pump gas without compliments, stares, handshakes, and offers to buy it. I love it, girls love, and guys love to talk about it. Oh, and did I mention it doesn't sound like a vacuum cleaner? Love the sound of a chevy smallblock coming out of straight pipes!

  2. While watching this video , I've asked a few people what they thought about me buying a classic car , they all told me not to it'll be expensive and that it'll be a bad idea
    I've also read a few articles about owning a classic and they all say it's a bad idea …
    It's just my dream to own this certain car I want and I'm honestly willing to work my ass off to buy it

  3. I daily drive a 1992 Mercedes benz 190E (25 years). I do not have any newer car, but

    1. I don't get compliments but insults! In the last ten years I got maybe 2 compliments and 200 insults like "how do you dare to park that piece of junk here? Don't you see that this is a hotel and we have rich clients?"..and so on. Of course it is impossible to keep clean a car that you daily drive. And it has some rust here or there, some dents etc..

    2. Old cars are more fun to drive…this one is true but only if the car in question does not have steering, suspension, brakes, handling or engine problems. If it has…then the fun just got out of the window. And I hate noise!

    3. Parts are available and easy to find. Not quite true…Old Mercedes parts are either very expensive or very hard to find even in junk yards. And many times parts bought from junk yards won't resist more than a year…and if I have to replace the alternator, the starter motorr, the fan blower motor, the windshield wiper motor once a year…it is just to expensive and to much hassle. It does not worth it. And one factory refurbished alternator with two years warranty is just above 1000 euros…Almost as the car's value at this point. Maybe this is true for american classic cars..definetely not for european cars.

    4. Classic cars are cheap…actually future classics could be cheap..but depends on how big is your budget. If you live in a poor country, probably there are millions of people who could never afford a new car (even in the range of 10.000 euros). So most of those people would opt for a second hand car in the range of 2.000-3.000 euros. Many people don't even own a car in my country. So what would be considered a CHEAP future classic in my country? Probably in the range of 500-1000 euros…You may find a Mercedes benz 190E at 500 euros in my countru but it would be a rust bucket and a piece of junk. If you want one that has been maintained in very good condition you should go to Germany. And the germans won't sell this kind of car below 2.000 Euros. So in this case it is not very cheap for poor people in my country. Actually in my country therea are two kinds of people in regard to the cars they own Those who have financial possibilities above average….those people buy new cars. And the vast majority of people who are poor and do not own cars. If you are poor and drive an older car you are ridiculized by everybody, like you do not know your place in society…you were born to ride the tram all your life but somehow you dind't get the message and want to have the comfort that only rich people have but you don't have the necessary means to do so.

    5. You will became a better driver…This one is true…but not necesarily for me..because I was a better driver form the beggining because I started driving cars from the seventies…

  4. I have to respectfully disagree with #5. It's nice that first week, but after that it gets old quick when you can't get ANYWHERE on time, or it takes 45 minutes every time you have to fill up because some guy wants to talk all about your car and tell you about his cousin's uncle's dad's friend's wife's brother who had one just like it back in the day and all the memories he has of it.

    I would definitely have included "Gets you out of tickets" instead. I've been pulled over for what should have technically been a "reckless" a few times and walked away with a verbal warning when the officer started noticing the scratches and wear on it and asked me "Is this your daily?", just kinda smiled and nodded approvingly when I affirmed, then came back from running the tags to tell me "the system is down" or something. I definitely consider myself lucky to have been pulled over by cops that were obviously car enthusiasts on some level, but I think it at least helps your odds.

  5. Grande vídeo.
    E concordo plenamente o meu daily driver é um Fiat 127 de 1977, que eu restaurei, ando com ele todos os dias para ir trabalhar e ao fim de semana para passear e não podia pedir melhor muito econômico e todos ficam a olhar 😀
    "Fuck new cars, I'm driving old school" 😀

  6. I have a 1965 Ford Mustang for a daily driver. And when it works properly its very doable. Im not having to "fix or repair daily" so to speak but it has been left sitting by the last owner and with that came with a few mostly little problems. At least when older cars get electrical problems you dont need to worry about computers so much. Other than that it actually gets decent gas milage for a V8, the heater still works although inconsistent (might try lubing blower bearings and flushing the core) and little rust on the under carriage.

  7. 1966 AMC Rambler Classic 770 reporting in, I'm 18. Parts are easy to fix. Super reliable. And I give lots of hot girls rides to school. I thinking of straight piping it to underneath the front doors. That thing will sound loud as shit. I expect noise complaints every time I start her up. Also insurance it cheap if you know what you're doing. My insurance is $50 a month.

  8. The best classic cars are the common one. I have an Austin mini and you can do pretty much anything with it. The handling is the best I've ever had, it weighs 1200lbs (without weigh reduction bro) and the engine can be tuned from 42bhp to 90 with quite a lot of torque for this car. It gives you a 1200lbs car with a NA 90bhp and a red line of about 7000RPM if you tuned it right. I daily it and did 600miles in a day without problems.


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