The Mass Adoption of Blockchain Technology
by K. F. Kelvin Saint-Bernard

In The Cointelegraph’s Poetry minute, K.F. Kelvin Saint-Bernard reads his latest poem

‘The Mass Adoption of Blockchain Technology’

First they came with Mathematics, and I did not understand—
Because I am not a NERD
Then they came with cryptography, and I did not understand—
Because I…had better shit to do
Then they came with Bitcoin, and I did not understand—
Because I have fifty dollars in my bank account
Then they came with ICOs, and I did not understand—
Because Game of Thrones was on
Then they came with Crypto-kittiess
and now I understand!
I’ve got it!
A technology that will reshape the world—the future!
An immutable! transparent! decentraliz—

«HODL ME?!?»

— If you have a blockchain related poem or joke you’d like to share, throw it in the comments below and maybe we will use it in a future video!

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