The Recruiting Station is a new special in-game system of rewards, where Recruiters invite their friends to the game and receive unique containers in return, as well as cashback in doubloons from purchases made by those they recruit.


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!




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  1. Yes this game could use more players, not more potatoes. So if you invite a friend also tell them to check out the "how it works" video's, CC video's on Youtube or watch and interact with streamers on twitch. They are always happy to help or anwser questions. We all had to learn, so help them by showing the way and help them understand how to get better.

  2. It would be nice if you could actually invite your new friends who just started playing but didnt use your referral link cause none of you knew about it. 😛 Also wondering why never make something like this for the older players of the game? Been playing for over 3 years now and never seen something directed towards the older playerbase to promote them to keep on playing.

  3. By using the link below you will get those following gifts.

    Rewards for new players:

    • Premium battleship Warspite

    • Premium cruiser Diana Lima

    • 14x days of Warships Premium Account time and more TBA

    • 5 000 000 credits

    • 25 all kind of signals

    • 5 resources box

    Rewards for returning friends

    • Premium battleship Warspite • Premium cruiser Diana Lima

    • 28x days of Warships Premium time

    • 2x Supercontainers and more TBA

  4. FIX THE GAME FIRST !!! OVER POWERWD CV's , they still inflect major damage and spot DD's to death ….. MATCH MAKER … hate playing almost every game 2 tiers under and I don't like playing T10 as gameplay is like tanks , with everyone hiding behind islands . RUSSIAN BB's T8 — 10 come-on , I put HEFI in my Hindenburg and it still does little damage when HE tits them …… The few people I brought to the game left and still play WAR THUNDER !


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