The 3 Rotor RX-7 is known for being a dangerous car. But even that has limits. We were filming a video on replacing the carpet when we found horrible rust hidden near the driver seat mounts.

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  1. We need parts manufacturers to have some sort of integrity IMO. A hige portion of the community WILL ALWAYS give zero shits about intellectual property or the ideas being stolen, as long as it ensures them parts for cheap. that's how a lot of these foreign markets operate and its unfortunate

  2. My friend, for someone who supposedly love the car like you said, i have to say, you're a pig. How come the car has that much of junk and trash inside? You don't really love the car, in fact you shouldn't even own the car at all. Thumbs down on the video.

  3. doing the same thing to my mk1 mx5, best to just find a scrap rx7 cut out flooerpan and then weld it in. your floorpan is too far gone with sheet metal not being appropriate for this use as it would need to be beadrolled for more integrity and strength.

  4. Your going to want to remove ALL that sound deadener Rob. I got an 87 mustang in the same position as yours. When I chipped away the sound deadener I found even more rust hiding underneath. A big flathead and a hammer should do the trick. If you want to get it off faster, get a can of air, shake it, turn it upside down and spray the deadener. It’ll freeze it and it will come off much easier


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