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  1. Great video and I agree more car customisation would be good body kits, air suspension.

    I think funny vehicles is a good idea imagine driving around in a ice cream van or a bus or limo.

    Maybe police escape races.

    I think more more modern cars for free would be good I got the game for £50 so to charge extra for these cars is not fair or cheap.

  2. cruise control and a speed limiter would help me out. reverse and brakes should be separate or not engage when reversing. we can use forward for reverse stopping. when you are reversing and take finger off trigger and try to reverse more while rolling. the fucking game stops you then resumes reverse. seems reverse only have one speed also, balls to the wall. i could go on all day on the bullshit they "overlook" in this game.
    odometer where i can see it easier. this is a must. i use a 44 inch screen…
    a button to bank skill points. instead of stopping the car and waiting.. how annoying.
    a marker on the outer edge of the minimap to show the direction of our waypoint… duh. every other game in history has this. or have the waypoint flags in the world be taller. you cant see them half the time.
    an indicator that tells if you have one collision already on your skill chain. a lot of times i didnt know i already had one and get a second,,, lose my chain…

  3. The first thing that you want is exactly what I want. I wan to be able to remove tear bumper, and darken tail light

    The three thing about the rolling anti lag, I have tried doing that my self, but it would be nice to have actual anit-lag in the game

    The tenth thing, I though you was meaning engine swaps, like you can take different engines in put them in different cars, and add a couple of engines, for example a 2jz.

  4. My list:
    1. Options on the cars that are offered from manufacturer (Weissach pack for the 918 or GT2 RS for example — this can be done, I guess, since C63 Black Series and A45 AMG have optional track package parts )
    2. Real automatic transmission (for the cars that actually have them) so that car can shift in low/mid revs when cruising and at the red line when pushing

  5. Keep in mind that if forza has more customizable options other companies will battle do copyright reasons cause one company already has taken the idea that is why certain companies don’t go that in depth cause if one game had all the customizations of need for speed and the physics of forza what’s the point of need for speed any more apart from cops and s storyline and stuff like I just don’t understand why I would fiddle with customization if all that will do is jeapordize the creation of another game

  6. Imagine having a rare engine swap as a something like a season reward. You would have to grind for it to get it and be able to swap it in one of your cars, or sell it on the auction house for a huge amount of money. I think that could be very cool and very interesting.


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