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  1. Hi Luke, I have been following you since you had your class 2 Licence. My grandson was taking his test at much the same time and found your info about the test and the costs thereof very useful. He has now joined his father working for the same company so I maintain an interest through you and you colleagues. I think you will like a song called "Talking to Myself" by STE Essence FT Rheo. It will fit with the music you already play on your faster sequences. No need for a shout out, I find them a bit embarrasing really. Safe trucking.

  2. Just started following you Luke as I’m new to the trucking world. Bit of a late starter at the grand young age of 51!!!! Passed my theory tests a week ago and start my 4 days of practical training on Wednesday, with my car C test a week today. Love your vlogs and it inspires me to start my own channel. Keep up the great work. Hope to meet you on the road one day soon. Regards Rob

  3. hi luke a lot of truckers watch your videos, would you please announce the loss of a TRUE TRUCKER LEGEND that passed away last week, he is known as jc, jonnie currell he was one of the first drivers if not the first to drive for hacklings transport, and only stopped driving for them a few years ago due to his illness. what he did not know about trucking you could write on a stamp.


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