NEW 2018 Audi RS8 — 610hp, V10, 5.2 L, 0-60: 3.6 sec., 174 mph (280 km/h).

Enthusiasts have been clamoring for a high-performance version of the A8 ever since Audi started making RS-badged cars in the 1990s. But they’ve been out of luck until now. Although Audi did introduce the S8 as early as 1996 and made a version for each generation until now, it has yet to launch a proper RS8 model. And that’s a pretty big issue with the potent AMG S63 and S65 up for grabs and a BMW M7 reportedly under way. With a brand-new Audi A8 to talk about, the first-ever RS8 feels closer than ever.

And it should be! Given the current market trends and the way deep-pocketed customers are empying their bank accounts to take high-performance, luxury sedans home, the RS8 is quite the urgent matter. It would be a big mistake to pass on the opportunity, especially with the new A8 having all the cool features and technology on top of a sporty, yet elegant design. The absence of an RS model in the fourth-generation A8 lineup would widen the gap between Audi and its competitors even further, and it’s safe to assume that Ingolstadt is tired of trailing behind Mercedes-Benz and BMW. With the first-ever RS8 almost imminent, we created a rendering of the car to go with our latest speculative review. Check it out below!

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