In this video: How to inspect and adjust the fuel level is critical to performance and mileage. I demonstrate rich and lean INCORRECT settings as well.
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  1. Awesome information, I have just used your expert advice and information on my ATV carb ……..some bright spark had jammed the air mixture screw right in so tight I snapped the head of the brass screw…….I had to drill it and managed to wedge a star driver and release it………now adjusted to a couple of turns its running great……..thanks for your info.

  2. shane you explain everything perfectly, thank you. all your vids are simply understood and detailed throughout. i wish my motor mechanics tutor was as good as you (i fobbed off further studies as he was teaching the next level) im now a welder.

  3. great video series shane i have learned soo much. I am restoring a 1985 lt250r. The floats are actually captured in the bottom of the float bowl. It seems difficult for me to get the metal float arm to just barely rest on the float valve. Any tricks of the trade for this type of carb? Also would a rich float height make my quad urinate through the overflow tube?

  4. Hi Shane I got 99 honda shadow vt1100cc and is running to lean,,is making sparkplug white. I do not find how to get to the problem,, I put 2 new pistom vacume with stage 1 jet on stock pipe,,,,,,2 new float level on 9.2 mm higt float,,I play with mixture screw from 2 turn to 4 turn and still running lean. Petcock working good,,,,fuel pump pumping good pressure. Stage 1 main jet #60 in front and #65 on rear and it was running lean so I change from #60 to #65 in front and from #65 to #70 on rear to see if I can get more fuel to the engine but nothing,,, the motorcycle still runnig lean,,lazy,,,,I can feel the pistom knocking. Any Idea?

  5. Advice on 87 Shadow? Runs GREAT cold. But as she warms up she fluctuates from 500 RPM to 3000 RPM. Then she starts losing power until theres so little power she stalls. Wait 10 minutes and she runs ok the same process over and over. Let her sit for a couple hours runs great again?


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