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More socially focused, and helping the society, Teamwork Family is dealing with customers in the process of divorce. The company does not only work on the properties but on finances and other challenges between the two parties in process of divorce, who are having a common child. Their main challenge is to communicate with the clients, while they are in the middle of such an unfortunate conflict. Teamwork family showed to Tech BBQ in order to engage with corporates and investors, which is their main means for growing.


We are eliminating conflict for divorces.
We are setting up, we are mapping the entire divorce process,
and deals with the parenting agreement and the finances,
and division of property, and the ongoing economy between two parties splitting
up with a common child. We are engaging with a digital platform. We are asking to
make sure, that they take decision on hundreds of dilemmas, which you don’t
know about when you’re married, but you come to realize, when you go through a divorce. So we are the digital question and the answer. And we keep track on the situation, when it comes to the parenting agreement.
That generates a dynamic calendar. And then also we make sure that we have an order fashion and fair division of property.
The challenge for Teamwork family is to interact with the
clients in the window they are in the middle of a divorce because the sooner you get the client the better because we can help them structure their divorce in an amicable fashion, and thereby eliminating some of the conflicts they evidently otherwise evolve themselves into. So, access to the clients, and knowing in a trusted way, when they are going to divorce.
The reason why I’m here at TechBBQ is due to the fact that
I want to engage with the corporates and investors.
I want to grow the company, which is Teamwork Family.

Video edited by Can Dayioglu

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