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  1. I think start a fresh buy another car and when you can get a project car maybe just to try fixing it and adding mods to sell to see if you can make any money then get another one and do it again a bit like what rusty is doing

  2. Which ever route you go down it’s going to be expensive, forging and looking after your vxr would bring good content, if you genuinely like the car you drive why change it for the sake of other people? Do what you enjoy not what other people do because there will come a time where you will be in the same boat as you are now when you’ve done all the cheap mods and move on to power mods

  3. Hi Jesse it's all down to you .But if you keep Corsa you need to learn a lot of things about .HOW TO FIX THEM? you need to get a lot of help from someone who known how to fix them.p.s I have working in motor trade for 39 years. Really in joy watching videos.


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