Lexus ISF having some fun with a Porsche Cayman GT4 at Auto Club Speedway — Roval. We were going back and forth all day long with each other.

My best time of the day was a 1:58.59.

Lexus ISF Mods:
X-Force Cat Back Exhaust
255/285 Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tires
RR-Racing USRS (Lower Control Arm Bushings)
Swift lowering springs on front only
Project Mu HC800 brake pads
Everything else is stock

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  1. That cayman driver seems far from unskilled so it's really impressive that you took full advantage of FR layout and caught him on corner entry. What's more impressive is you out-braked him entering a corner quite a few times. A testament to your skill set and the F's competence. I mean, it was against a gt4, one of the most track-focused Porsches.

  2. Nice work!! The traction controls killing you out of the bends though. Really need to get that off and allow the car to move around. That really was the only place the GT4 was gaining, corner exit. I'm well impressed with the whole video though! I certainly didn't expect you to be out braking the GT4, as Porsche are always known for having strong brakes. What pad compound are you running? And I'm guessing its front and back? Cheers!


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