My car went to a car wash and would not started then, so here is what I have done don’t be tempted to buy another fuse box,it will not work as it needs programming,I swapped mine and both car showed Immobiliser so that trick did not work,just hair dryer it and put in radiator for about half an hour

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  1. we recently had some.rain and the car had all sorts of warning lights when i started to use the wipers, the rev meter stopped working, speedo also stopped working. i did nit have full power but the engine was running. got home , wouldnt start, rac was called , they took the fuse box off and saw a small water i gress by the wiper fuse, the fise box wasnt closed properly. he cleaned the area and with tissue .

    the car started and no warning lights, i started the car the following cold morning and it was playing up again, i assume the water had not dried up.properly.

    i got to work and fortunatly it was a sunny day, so i opened the fuse box cover and left it to a side and faced the car towards the sun…

    eventually it done the job, the water dried up, the car started normally , still.had abs warning light, after a couple of hours the abs light went off and the engine management light came on.

    as i was driving home the engineanagement light went off and the car seems as before.

    no issues, please ensure your fuse box cover is clipped on properly .

    i was lucky not to have any major issues with this.


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