This is a short video on the infamous PortaWall White Wall Inserts. I discuss the Dos and Don’ts to these inexpensive options to white walls.

Chris Vallone

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  1. l have them on my bus in the thumb nail, the back tires after a ride will have a gap in them for about a half hour, the tire flex will push them out, but the fronts are fine, less weight, these are also the 3 inch ones so that dosent help.

  2. I actually think they also work differently on different radial brands. I've got them placed on properly on mine as according to your video, and they look great however still a little amount of air underneath them, not quite firm but it's definitely as firm as it will get. Working well so far though and they've been on for nearly a year, 1 particular wheel didn't get on so well due to the wheel weight (definitely take the wheel weight off first and place them back on after the wall is on) but overall they're great.

    +chrisvalone Do you have a particular radial you normally use on a typical 1300 bug?

  3. I was recently @ DubSplash in Texas, ran into a guy who started talking about whitewall options. I told him you had done a video on the portawalls. His negatives were basically everything you just covered, fraying, yellowing, peeling etc.

    Thanks for the great info!

  4. Ok, this one is different. I ordered a set of 17" Portawalls for my 2016 Chrysler 200. I took the car in to have them installed this morning, but did not bring instructions with me. We tried one tire to see how it would go. Instant death. We were lost. I then came home and wrote the step by step instructions and will head out again to try it all over. I think too, we need a larger mallet. The little one did next to nothing. Will keep you posted as to the outcome. I think too that at speeds of 70+, would cause a problem, but if kept under that to 65 and at times 70, there should not be a problem with a frayed edge. Am I correct?

  5. I have 135/R15 up front and 165/R15 on my '56 beetle. I recently bought new tires and new port-o walls …they started browning around the edges a few weeks after I bought them. I did not put anything on the tires after they were installed. I noticed that the browning mostly occurs is the edge goes over the text on the tires. I have pics…mooneyes says its my problem. Anyone else have this issue?


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