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  1. I agree on brakes being gravy 99.9 percent of time. I woulda said 100 percent befor i got rear pads and rotors on a 2012 sonata. Im in upstate ny remeber. With this car some asshole design it so in order to get rotor off the bottow bolt is bhind the control arm and u have to take the bolt out of that and in order to get the bolt outta the contol arm u gotta take the bolt outta shock. Unreal. Anyways i stupidly pulled the control arm out of its place completely when i only had to move it back to gain littlerally like a half inch. Ill tell u what getting that control arm lined bake up to get the bolt through is no fun. Plus up bere im battling rust which i have to admit this car wasnt bad but if u ever have to do this just move the control arm back in its braket a hair to gain wht u need. Dont pull it out cause its a nightmare lining back up. I was throwing tools and screaming and i deal with alot of shit up here man. Thats no lie. And i have a lift and every specialty tool u can imagine to make life easier. This job humbled me for sure.

  2. Almost all brake jobs are the same, except for early 90's, and 80's, Mercedes Benz are a bit different.
    On the W123 and W126, in order to remove the rotor you have to remove the wheel bearing cap and nut, thus you expose the wheel bearing. Once the nut is loosened and removed, the tapered roller bearing has to be preloaded and "set" within a certain tolerance with a dial indicator.

    Maybe that's how all old cars are?

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