What is it?
This is the Audi Prologue concept car. It’s been designed to gently ease us into the new Audi design language — and preview the much hinted at but not yet confirmed range-topping Audi A9 coupe and Avant.

Engine Specs?
597bhp and 516lb ft from the retuned 4.0-litre V8 as fitted in the current S8. While for some people that will be enough, the only test it really needs to pass, there are a number of other new technical bits hinting at what the upcoming Audi A9 might boast. The first clever bit is 48V electronics. Even though the idea has been around for decades, only now is the mild hybrid idea — the starter/generator being used to add and harvest power — really starting to appear on near production models. All cars should have this.

When can I buy the new Audi A9?
ETA: End of 2019 — Beginning of 2020

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